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The Etudes of Charlier and Bitsch

Charlier CD

 music Listen to Charlier #10, Du Rhythme

 music Listen to Bitsch #20, Molto Vivo

The study guide is a real bonus!

study guide 

The acclaimed 2-CD set used by trumpet players worldwide to study 56 virtuosic etudes by Theo Charlier and Marcel Bitsch. Complete with a 20 pages of study advice. Released by the International Trumpet Guild (ITG).

The Lost Etude

Lost Etude

 music Listen to Caffarelli's 1st Study

 music Listen to Arban's 7th Characteristic Study

This CD concludes with a work by Charlier not included in his 1926 book of etudes. This ITG release includes 16 etudes by Reginaldo Caffarelli, and the 14 characteristic studies from Jean-Baptiste Arban's conservatory method book. Baldwin gives practice tips for each of the 31 etudes.

27 Melodious and Rhythmical Exercises for Cornet or Trumpet

Small  music listen to #21, 'Soft Shoe'


These 27 modern etudes by J. L. Small are designed to develop a strong, agile lip, technical assurance, and to improve phrasing. Many of them are in the style of dances, including tangos, and even a schottisch and a soft shoe.

32 Études de perfectionnement

Small  music listen to Charlier #11, Chromatic Etude

These étues by Theo Charlier were written in 1940, and intended for valve trombone or tuba. Baldwin studied these highly sophisticated pieces for three years, and feels they are superb, highly chromatic tonal melodies, and says they have been carefuly constructed for shape and balance.

Top Tones for the Trumpeter

Small  music listen to #13, Vivace in E-flat

Louis Antoine St. Jacome (1830-1898) was a student and the Paris Conservatory only a few years after the celebrated cornet virtuoso and teacher, Jean-Baptiste Arban. Many felt that a combination of Arban’s Grand Methode and St. Jocome’s Twelve Grand Srtistic Sudies as the required books for obtaining a complete education on the cornet. A few of the studies are as long as six, seven, nine, and even 13 minutes!

Twelve Grand Artistic Studies

Small  music listen to #13, Vivace in E-flat

David calls Smith's Top Tones etudes "some of the hardest, yet wonderfully tuneful pieces for the trumpet... [and] THE hardest tonal etudes from a technical standpoint and some of the best for rhythmic patterns."

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